G.O. for Part timers .W.B.

26 Oct


Government of West Bengal
Department of Higher Education
(C.S. Branch)
Bikash Bhavan, Salt lake, Kolkata-700091
No: 751-Edn(CS)-5P-46/99 Dated, Kolkata, the 21st September,2010
In supersession of all the previous Government Orders relating to part-time teachers(PTTs) (except superannuated teachers) of the State Aided non-Govt. colleges undersigned is directed by the order of the Governor to say that following provisions will be applicable in respect of the part-time teachers w.e.f. 01/10/2010.
General Conditions for engagement of PTTs (excluding the superannuated teachers of colleges & Univs serving as PTTs) :
1. Existing PTTs duly engaged as per prescribed norms will continue to remain engaged till they attain 60 years of age.
2. All PTTs (including existing ones) shall be engaged only in one assignment.
3. Those PTTs who have been refused renewal and whose service have been discontinued by the college authority on or after 1/1/2008 shall be engaged afresh following issuance of this order subject to the following conditions:
a. should be of less than 60 years of age.
b. should be willing on the basis of his/her application.
c. declaration from the PTTs showing his/her engagement only in one assignment.
d. For those PTTs who have been refused renewal and whose service have been discontinued by the college authority on or between 1/1/2008 to the date of issuance of this order & subsequently been engaged afresh, his/her length of past assignment in the concerned college will be counted only for the determination of his/her rate of monthly remuneration [ i.e. whether he/she is entitled to get Rs. 9450/-( for < 4 years) / Rs. 10800/-( >= 4 years but < 10 years) / Rs. 13500/-(>= 10 years)] but he/she will not be entitled to get any financial benefit for the said gap-in period (i.e. the period of his/her non-engagement in the college between his/her date of retrenchment and the date of subsequent engagement).
4. Notional vacancies are to be created to accommodate serving PTTs as well as those who are re-engaged as per 3d. above and these posts would be treated as personal & supernumerary ones. The number of such notional vacancies are to be decided on the basis of requisition from the colleges [mentioning the names of persons engaged & other details – duly authenticated by the college authority as mentioned below].
I. For those PTTs who were engaged before 01/04/09.
�� Length of service as PTTs is to be certified by the Principal/Teacher-in-Charge of the college referring to “the then” Governing Body’s Resolution notifying the date of engagement and subsequent renewal. Ex-post facto G.B. resolution notifying engagement and extension of service in respect of part time teachers will not be acceptable.
�� Duly audited Acquittance Roll for PTTs may be treated as an authentic document for determination of the length of the service of a part-time teacher in absence of “the then” G.B. resolution.
Duly audited Acquittance Roll attested by The Principal / Teacher-in-Charge of the concerned college and this statement of material is to be duly verified by the auditor appointed during 2008-09/2009-10 by the Education Directorate, Government of West Bengal with necessary certification (Year wise and month wise from the date of Joining).
�� The PTTs of the Govt. aided colleges who have/are rendered/ rendering service in different academic assignments of the University (e.g. as examinations/ paper setter/ moderator etc), the certificate(s) of the respective Universities indicating the date(s) of such appointment(s) may also be taken into account for determining the length of service.
II. For those PTTs who are engaged on or after 01/04/09
�� The college authority has to submit the following documents for those PTTs who are engaged after 01/04/2009
• Attested photocopy of the advertisement
• Attested photocopy of the letter from the affiliated University nominating the subject expert for the selection committee.
• Attested photocopy of the final merit list( Subject wise)
• Attested photocopy of the PG level final mark-sheet showing atleast minimum of 55% marks in aggregate.
• Supporting GB resolution for engagement.
III. The department-wise number of existing approved posts, number of vacancies therein, name of the persons engaged as part-time teachers are to be submitted and this statement of material is to be duly attested by the college authority.
IV. Declaration from the PTTs showing his/her engagement only in one assignment is also to be submitted and attested by the college authority.
5. No part-time teachers shall be engaged without prior written permission from the State Govt. as per order No. 689-Edn(CS) dated 26.08.2010.
Method of Engagement:
By Selection (direct recruitment) by the Governing Body by following the procedure mentioned below:
(i) The vacancy shall be advertised by the college authority, on receiving prior written permission from the State Govt., in at least two daily leading newspapers (one in English and the other in Bengali or any other language) specifying the required qualifications & remuneration,
(ii) The applications received in response to the advertisement will be scrutinised by the college authority and the eligible candidate(s) will be called for interview before the Selection Committee,
(iii) The Selection Committee will consist of the following members:-
• The Principal/Teacher-in-Charge of the College will be the Chairman
• The Senior most Teacher/HOD of the college in the subject,
• An expert, not below the rank of Reader/equivalent, in the subject, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, to which the college is affiliated.
(iv) The letter of engagement of PTTs would only be issued by the College authority in the prescribed format on receiving prior written permission from the State Govt.
6. As per existing norms of whole time sanctioned teaching posts for each subject [following 4/5/7 (for Arts and Science Departments) and 6 (for Commerce Department) policy in recruitment of Whole time teachers] Part-Time Teachers may be engaged with approval of the State Government subject to the conditions that against each approved full time teacher post maximum of three PTTs may be engaged. However, in exceptional cases, variations may be accommodated as per prescribed norms.
7. Consequent upon exorbitant price hike of different commodities the question of enhancement of remuneration of part-time teachers attached to different colleges of the State has been taken into consideration. For this purpose the remuneration of the part-time teachers may be enhanced by 35% as shown below w. e. f. 01/10/2010:
Category of Part-time teachers
Present remuneration per month
Revised remuneration per month
< 4 years
Rs. 7000/-
Rs. 9450/-
>= 4 years but < 10 years
Rs. 8000/-
Rs. 10800/-
>= 10 years
Rs. 10000/-
Rs. 13500/-
No other allowances will be admissible to the PTTs except the enhancement @ 5% of the remuneration, at an interval of three (3) years, after the enhancement done as on 01/10/2010.
The college authority may allot 10 (Ten) classes/ periods per week to each PTTs.
8. The entire quantum of emoluments (as mentioned above) will be paid by the state Govt. duly as being approved by the Govt. in favour of each part-time teacher. Claims to be submitted as per the format being prescribed.
9. The above noted benefits will not be extended for those appointed in the self financed courses in the college. Also, those who are engaged in full time assignment elsewhere will not be considered for the above mentioned benefit.
10. Part-time teachers of government aided colleges are entitled to avail of 14 days casual leave in a calendar year, ½ average remuneration leave on production of medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner and maternity leave as admissible under Government rules.
11. Each PTT would be entitled to get a Gratuity of Rupee one Lakh only, once in life time, when he becomes 60 as PTT, provided that period of engagement is not less than 10 years.
Service Related Matters:
12. During the period of engagement the service of such PTTs may be terminated because of involvement in criminal case/ misconduct/ delinquency/ incapacitation and/or other culpable offence –as may be framed from time to time by the competent authority.
This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department, vide their U.O. No. 3373( Gr. P Service) Dated 20/09/2010.
Yours faithfully
Sd/- M. Chakravarty
Jt. Secretary
C.S. Branch
Department of Higher Education
Government of West Bengal
No.751/1(14)-Edn(CS) -5P-46/99 Dated, Kolkata, the 21st September,2010
Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:
1. Account General (A&E), West Bengal
2. Finance Department of this Government
3. Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal
4. Registrar, Calcutta University, Senate House, College Street, Kol-700073
5. Registrar, Burdwan University, Rajbati, Burdwan, Pin-713104
6. Registrar, Kalyani University, Kalyani, Nadia, Pin-741235
7. Registrar, Vidyasagar University, P.O. Vidyasagar University, Dist. Paschim Medinipur, Pin-721102
8. Registrar, Gour Banga University, Malda College, P.O. Malda, Dist. Malda, Pin-732101
9. Registrar, West Bengal State University(Barasat, North 24 Paraganas), Barasat Govt. College, P.O. Barasat, Dist. North 24 Paraganas, Pin-743201
10. Registrar, North Bengal University, Raja Rammohanpur, P.O. North Bengal University, Dist. Darjeeling, Pin-734430
11. Computer Cell of this Department
12. PS to MIC, Higher Education Department
13. PA to Principal Secretary of this Department
14. Guard File
Sd/- M. Chakravarty
Jt. Secretary
C.S. Branch
Department of Higher Education

Government of West Bengal


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